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Good Tidings Anthology Ebook

Good Tidings Anthology Ebook

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Looking for an uplifting and entertaining read this Christmas? 

Unwrap the gifts nestled in these stories of love, loss, and laughter. Plus, enjoy a favorite family recipe from each author! 

 * After Rooney moves into her grandparents' abandoned beach house to escape her rocky marriage, an unexpected friendship lights her way forward. 

* Upon returning home to the family business, Lina must choose between a love born out of convenience or restoring a love once lost. 

* Her singing voice broke beyond repair. So did her marriage. Will a Christmas concert bring her joy or add to her bitterness?

* When Jackie is offered a missionary position in Zimbabwe, will she have to choose between her love for Mick and the job she has always desired? 

* A strike in Santa's Toy Shop two days before Christmas! Will the Magic help managing elf Twinkle meet quota in time for Santa's delivery? 

* An innkeeper's wife wrestling infertility receives a delightful blessing made just for her. 

* The unexpected blessing of a baby born in Paris on Christmas Day and the surprise gifts along the way. 

To give back, each storyteller is donating her profits from this project to a charity of her choice. Sarah is donating her share to International Community Outreach (

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